UEP hosts Coryza call for members

February 20, 2020

During the UEP meetings in Atlanta, the membership voiced their desire for a call to provide an update on Coryza outbreaks within the layer industry. UEP staff engaged several members that have recently experienced Coryza on their farms, and they openly shared their experiences and lessons learned on a conference call on February 14.

Over 100 lines were open on the call, many with multiple participants who had the opportunity to learn more about the disease and opportunities to limit transmission between houses and farms.  Multiple health conditions within a flock that have Coryza seems to expedite the symptoms and adds to the recovery time for that flock.  Housing types associated with breaks within flocks and the severity of mortality was also a topic of interest. UEP wishes to thank those members who openly shared their experiences in hopes of helping others within our industry.