UEP seeks additional clarity from states on bulk egg sales

April 23, 2020

On April 3, FDA provided flexibility to sell eggs at retail in cartons or flats without labels under certain conditions, facilitating the sale of eggs originally intended for restaurants. This flexibility also aids the continued sale of eggs in retail channels as carton availability across the country continues to decline.

Even with the flexibility provided by FDA, including the sale of bulk flats of eggs with a placard displaying all the relevant information from traditional packaging, many states also have egg laws and regulations that specify labeling requirements for eggs sold to consumers within that state. UEP will continue working with state poultry executives, state regulators, and industry to clarify state regulations and egg laws to permit eggs to be sold in bulk with a placard and generic cartons at retail.

While some states clearly allow bulk egg sales with placards, others do not. Several states have instituted enforcement discretion or executive orders to allow this practice. A list of states where UEP staff has verified bulk sales placard labeling is allowed is in the UEP COVID-19 Library and will be updated as additional information is available.