Animal Welfare Updates

July 11, 2019

Animal Ag Protection Law Challenged

Environmental and social activist groups filed a lawsuit against North Carolina’s new nuisance laws. After North Carolina’s swine industry began losing multi-million-dollar lawsuits, the state legislature updated their nuisance laws to provide additional protection. The legislation was vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper, but lawmakers were able to override the vetoes. Read more in “After Smithfield lost millions in lawsuits, NC changed a law. Was it constitutional?” from The News & Observer.

Following successful challenges to Idaho’s, Utah’s, and Wyoming’s animal ag protection laws, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and other animal rights organizations have filed a lawsuit challenging Arkansas’ law. See“Lawsuit calls Arkansas “ag-gag” law unconstitutional,” from AP News.

Applegate to include GAP (Global Animal Partnership) logo on select products

Applegate, a division of Hormel Foods, will begin using the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) seal on beef, chicken, and turkey hotdogs. Applegate has long marketed its products emphasizing animal welfare, utilizing the American Humane and Certified Humane seals.

Applegate’s use of the GAP seal provides a boost to this certification program which has long struggled to find a foothold outside of Whole Foods. The GAP program includes standards for a variety of production animals, including laying hens.