Cause of fires in animal farming

May 7, 2020

It’s no secret that there have been quite a few losses in the egg and greater animal farming industry over the last 12-16 months – most being fire losses. This development has made a very tough property insurance market even more challenging for egg producers.

Below is a list of possible causes of fires, both in and out of the UEP insurance program, over the years. Producers can use this list for a review of farm loss control measures:

  • Malfunctioning gas-powered heaters
  • Lithium-ion batteries on charging stations
  • Spontaneous combustion of manure (dry) / grain bins
  • Human error – improper installation, smoking, etc.
  • Malfunctioning fluorescent light fixtures
  • Heat tape
  • Malfunctioning fan motors
  • Arson
  • Improper storage of chemicals
  • Electrical shorts
  • Lightning
  • Equipment failure in milling machine leading to spark
  • Spark from fan into dust collection system for grain bin
  • Old electrical
  • Not following Hot Works protocols
  • Fire spread – not a cause but can increase damages.  Fire spread can be mitigated with fire doors, automatic closing doors, increased building spacing (push for 100 feet between layer barns, production facilities, pullet houses), non-combustible fire materials, flame retardant belts & coatings, etc.

The Palomar team is available to help you with questions. Our mission is to be a resource for egg producers and to help improve the overall insurability of the egg industry.

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