Gov Affairs Taskforce recommends sustained EGGPAC focus

February 18, 2021

EGGPAC champions to serve as advocates in UEP and UEA member companies

The Government Affairs Taskforce has created several recommendations to improve EGGPAC, emphasizing a year-round focus on the program. One of its priorities is establishing an EGGPAC champion for each UEP and UEA member company.

Each company’s EGGPAC champion will communicate the purpose and contribution options to company employees and provide campaign results and feedback to the taskforce and Government Relations and EGGPAC committees. Please complete this form with the name and contact information of the person who will serve as your company’s EGGPAC champion by February 28.

Another taskforce recommendation is enabling monthly, automatic giving by credit card or bank withdrawal for EGGPAC contributions. These options are now available at EGGPAC Contribution Options.  Manual contributions by check or credit card will still be accepted using the EGGPAC Contribution Form.

More on EGGPAC contributions

  • Contributions can be made by U.S. citizens with a personal check, credit card, or debit cards
  • LLC/LLP checks are accepted with the LLC/LLP Attribution Form
  • $5,000 is the maximum allowable contribution per person in a calendar year
  • Contributions from corporations are prohibited