Important Changes for Export of Eggs to Mexico, Puerto Rico

September 5, 2019

Over the past few weeks, changes have been implemented by Mexico and Puerto Rico that affect eggs being exported to these countries.

In Mexico, a revised regulation, which was originally issued in January 2018, contained a provision requiring that all table eggs intended for retail could not be washed. This was reversed in the official regulation for Eggs and Egg Products (NOM-159),  which allows table eggs to be washed. The change is effective August 20 and states washing and drying must be carried out “immediately after harvesting.”  Eggs must be refrigerated until sold. Learn more in “ Mexico will allow imported table eggs to be washed,” from WattAG.

Puerto Rico has made some changes to the stamping requirements for the ink color to be used on brown eggs. Green ink is now allowed along with black and dark blue ink. See the AMS revised instructions for Shipments to Puerto Rico.