Industry news 2/18/21

February 18, 2021

Frank Yiannis, Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy Response, discusses blockchain and other emerging technologies in “FDA: Future of food safety traceability is digital” from

Experts examine reasons for different Salmonella results” between farmers’ and authorities’ tests from Food Safety News.

Shift to cage-free egg production prompts need to revise health and management plans” provides the challenges in handling hen health and welfare as the industry transitions to additional cage-free housing published in Poultry Health Today.

UEP’s Washington D.C. consultant Louie Perry is quoted in “Travel bans impacting incoming agriculture H-2A workers,” from Feedstuffs.

National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) has canceled its Biennial Conference scheduled for May 11-13 in Dallas, TX. NPIP will share information about future meetings and conferences for 2021 in the coming days.


A UEP member produces its own egg cartons in “Hickman’s egg cartons made from recycled pop bottles” from

A team of University of Maryland students have created a technique to identify unregistered farms to help USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service improve regional biosecurity in “Interdisciplinary university student team improving poultry biosecurity through data science” from The Poultry Site.