Industry News 4/8/21

April 8, 2021

House sends ag labor bill to Senate,” to address ongoing ag workforce shortages, from Feedstuffs.

In support of the petition filed by the North American Meat Institute, “California’s Prop 12 Supreme Court challenge supported by 20 states,” was published in Feedstuffs.

Based on a Humane Society of the United States proposal to incentivize poultry producers to reduce flock density as a means to prevent avian flu, “Judge won’t drop activists’ avian flu suit against USDA,” was published in summarizes reported hen barn fires for the past 15 months in “Recap: US egg industry barn fires.”

Pandemic panic buying is no longer an issue in “US egg carton shortage has subsided,” from

The American Egg Board announced the newly appointed members and alternates in Newly Appointed Members and Alternates for the American Egg Board Commence Two-Year Service Term.

“U.S. Poultry & Egg Association announced officer and board election results in Hinton Elected for Second Term as U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Chairman; New Board Members Announced.