Industry news 7/8/21

July 8, 2021

The bipartisan “Landmark Growing Climate Solutions Act clears Senate,” rewards farmers for climate-smart practices, from Feedstuffs.

The court was unanimous in its decision against an extreme animal rights ballot measure in “Colorado Supreme Court rules against Initiative 16,” published in Meat+Poultry.

Just Egg plant-based egg flavored bites are being recalled in “This plant-based egg-substitute snack might have egg. That’s one reason for its recall.”

The International Egg Commission provides key findings in “New UN Nutrition Report highlights the importance of eggs in human health and development.” Read the UN’s full report here.

Key genes in chickens may offer resistance to infection as explained in “Research shows genes could offer resistance to Campylobacter,” from Poultry World.

Researchers estimate infections from antibiotic-resistant strains of non-typhoidal Salmonella have increased 40 percent in “Scientists find huge increase in drug-resistant Salmonella infections in U.S.,” from Food Safety News.