Industry News 8/6/20

August 6, 2020

UEP President Chad Gregory’s address at the 2020 Poultry Science Association Virtual Annual Meeting is covered in “Cage-free transition financially and logistically impossible,” from WattAG.

Vital Farms’ Blockbuster IPO Proves Wall Street Has An Appetite For Sustainable Farming,” from Forbes

The source of a Salmonella outbreak across several states is identified in “Thomson recalls all onions from the entire U.S. because of link to Salmonella Newport outbreak,” from Food Safety News.

The CDC continues to warn backyard flock owners in “Don’t kiss your chickens, CDC says. A Salmonella outbreak is spreading across the US,” from the Miami Herald.

UEP President Chad Gregory, SVP of Food Safety Regulatory Affairs Oscar Garrison, and VP of Animal Welfare Larry Sadler will be speaking at the 2020 Midwest Poultry Federation Virtual Convention, August 12-13.

The Indiana State Poultry Association has announced Rebecca Eifert Joniskan will succeed  President Paul Brennan, who will retire in October after almost 30 years of working for the organization.