Make a positive impact, support EGGPAC

August 26, 2021

By: Rob Knecht, Chair, UEP Government Relations Committee, Glenn Hickman and Tim Schipper, Co-Chairs, UEP Government Affairs Taskforce

As food producers, affiliated service providers and industry stakeholders, our job is to manage risk and ensure against threats to our businesses. Our egg farming community consistently faces pressing policy issues and regulatory implications that potentially can positively or negatively impact our businesses and livelihoods.

Our success depends on assuring that elected officials fully understand our interests and concerns and have a clear appreciation for the work we do each day to produce safe, wholesome, high-quality eggs for our nation.

Access to members of Congress and participation in the political process is vital to our future – the tool for gaining and maintaining that access is EGGPAC. EGGPAC is the political action committee of the egg and egg products industry, and your voluntary contributions pave the way for us to facilitate these critical conversations.

Engaging in the political process has never been more critical. Whether you’re a UEP member, UEA Further Processor member, UEA Allied member, state egg association or other valued partner – EGGPAC is likely more important than you may realize.

The majority of our elected officials are far removed from agriculture and the farm community. By pooling our resources and building a strong EGGPAC, we have a more powerful voice to positively impact the issues that affect your business.

You are represented by professionals from top-flight firms with deep expertise in animal agriculture, food safety, and environmental issues. Louie Perry from Cornerstone Government Affairs, Randy Green from Watson Green, LLC and Tom Hebert from the Bayard Ridge Group do an amazing job leveraging your EGGPAC contributions.

Click here to set up monthly or one-time contributions by credit card or bank withdrawal. The EGGPAC Contribution Form is available for donations by check.

Thank you for your generosity as together, we raise our voices in Washington, D.C.