Quarantine imposed on CA poultry imports

March 24, 2022

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has imposed a quarantine on eggs, live poultry, and certain poultry products that originated or passed through an HPAI control area without obtaining an official movement permit. Both the shipper and receiver may be issued a violation upon arrival at the destination.

Quarantine: To protect California poultry from the spread of HPAI from other states, California has initiated quarantine HQ-220223-1Q  that applies to shipments of poultry and poultry products coming into California from an HPAI Control Area. Processed eggs and products from HPAI Control Areas are not restricted, but nest run eggs, live birds, and other products must follow the Quarantine’s Attachment A requirements (page 2 of HQ-220223-1Q).

Identifying Control Areas: CDFA has created an infographic about the quarantine, permitting, and Control Areas and will update it every few days with affected states and counties with an active Control Area. While the detailed boundaries of the Control Areas are not public, the affected county list can help make decisions about any incoming shipments.

Current counties with control areas as of 3/21/22:

Delaware: New Castle

Indiana: Dubois & Greene

Iowa: Buena Vista & Taylor

Kansas: Franklin

Kentucky: Fulton & Webster

Maryland: Cecil & Queen Anne's

Missouri: Jasper, Lawrence, Stoddard

South Dakota: Charles Mix, Hanson, Kingsbury, Hutchinson

Wisconsin: Jefferson

Requesting permits: California requires that all requests for movement of poultry and poultry products into California from a Control Area start with the Incident Management Team in the affected state of origin. Additionally, producers hoping to receive shipments from an HPAI Control Area must have a pre-approved Secure Food Supply Enhanced Biosecurity Plan in place. See details in the External-Decision Plan for Poultry Permits.

At California borders: California’s interstate border crossing agents are actively monitoring for poultry shipments and reporting them to CDFA for further review. Officials are prepared to take immediate action on any shipments that do not have the appropriate documentation that attempt to enter California.

Contact sfspermit@cdfa.ca.gov with questions or help in contacting another state to verify a shipment or address. Updated information and documents are posted on the CDFA Avian Health Webpage.