Senate Ag Committee Moves Toward Farm Bill Markup

June 7, 2018

The Senate Agriculture Committee continued work behind closed doors on its version of the 2018 farm bill.   Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) expects the bill markup to take place on June 13.   Based on reports from Senate offices about the level of detail, this seems an ambitious timetable.  But, many observers think the committee will act swiftly with Senate floor action to follow soon after.  In contrast to the House farm bill, which has turned highly partisan, the Senate’s bill is likely to be bipartisan.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has until June 22 to take a second vote on its version of the farm bill, which failed to get a majority on its first vote.  The farm bill effectively became collateral damage in an intra-Republican battle over immigration policy.  If hardline conservatives can be mollified on that subject, the farm bill might get a slim majority on its next vote.