Upcoming FDA Regulations will affect egg industry

January 4, 2024

The Food and Drug Administration plans a range of rulemaking this year that could directly affect the egg industry, according to the agency’s section of the latest Unified Regulatory Agenda.

The agenda, which is compiled by the Office of Management and Budget, lists significant regulations that are in the works from all federal agencies. The agenda tends to be an imperfect guide to when the regulations will be published (normally it is safe to add several months to any dates given in the agenda). It is a strong indicator, however, of what an agency’s regulatory priorities are.

Here are a few FDA items that could take place in 2024, along with the agency’s estimate of when a rule or proposed rule will be published:

  • Changes to the definition of “farm” in the Food Safety Modernization Act (proposed rule, February)
  • Mandatory front-of-pack labeling that would require use of icons to highlight excess sodium, saturated fat or added sugars content (proposed rule, June)
  • Changes to rules for on-pack use of “healthy” claims that, as earlier proposed, would allow eggs to be advertised as healthy (final rule, April)