APHIS HPAI Resources

February 3, 2022

Dr. Fidel Hegngi Presentation "Global HPAI Update & Are We Ready?" Presented at UEP Meetings on January 24.

Defend the Flock Resource Center – free resources from USDA and other experts, including growers, veterinarians, state agencies, scientists and industry professionals. Checklists, resource guides, videos and other tools are available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.

APHIS Avian Influenza webpage – links to HPAI and LPAI information, AI in wild birds and guidance documents.

APHIS HPAI webpage – links to current and past HPAI finds, emergency response procedures and affected producer materials.

APHIS Confirmed HPAI Findings in Wild Birds – APHIS will update this webpage weekly with HPAI detections with the county, state, date confirmed, HPAI strain and type of wild bird.