Engaging speakers and panelists during Joint Session

October 12, 2023

Speakers and panelists provided insights into the "Future of Eggs" and more during the AEB-UEP Joint General Session at the Annual Meeting. Brad Bennett, an ethnographer, and founder of B. Bennett Company, kicked things off with a discussion of "Eggs for Dinner," providing insights into food philosophies and ways to utilize consumer perceptions to foster unique pathways to customers and drive success.

During the Cage Free Quagmire panel, UEP's Dr. Larry Sadler and Chad Gregory sat down with Dr. Elizabeth Cox and Dr. Annette Jones from the California Department of Food and Agriculture to discuss the landscape of the cage-free housing transition. Click here to view the Cage Free Quagmire slides.

AEB's Nate Hedtke moderated a retailer customer panel with James Lucas from Publix and Michael S. La Kier from IGA to better understand retailer needs and how producers can better meet customer needs and strengthen relationships with retail partners.

Scott Stratten, author and founder of UnMarketing, provided an energetic presentation about how the digital age offers unlimited access to information, how it affects traditional business relationships and how business owners communicate with current and would-be customers.

Dan Krouse from MPS Farms, Doug Mack from Versova Management Company, and Tony Wesner from Rose Acre Farms joined AEB's Dr. Mickey Rubin to discuss the Lifecycle Assessment results and the egg industry's sustainability. AEB and UEP will soon share these results with members and provide direction on how members can utilize these results to share their sustainability stories.

The Joint Session's programming wrapped up with Reid Wilson, founder and editor-in-chief of Pluribus News, and a detailed analysis of the current political environment and the upcoming elections. Utilizing voter figures and statistics, Wilson's presentation outlined the nuanced political environment and details of the elections and the driving forces behind them.