Industry News 7/11/19

July 11, 2019

A recent article in Politico provides the FDA’s stance in “FDA resists livestock lobby’s push on GE animals.”

Oregon Legislature: Diesel engine, cage-free hen, driver's license bills pass,” includes details on Senate Bill 1019 that requires the state’s Agriculture Department to make rules to mandate that hens be cage- free by 2024.

Feedstuffs reports “No new virulent Newcastle disease cases reported,” with the last case reported on June 4.

DuPont develops natural egg white replacement for plant-based meats,” published in Food Dive describes GRINDSTED PLANT-TEX PRODUCT which contains no cholesterol, allergens or animal-based additives.

The American Egg Board released MADE WITH REAL EGGS® Certification Standards.

The Egg Industry Center has released a challenge grant to encourage teams of researchers to work collaboratively to solve air quality challenges created by cage-free laying hen housing.

Jan Kelly was honored for her 31 years of dedication and service as the executive director of the North Carolina Egg Association at the 2019 Southeast Egg Industry Regional Conference.